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Welcome to APC, Fizgig!:

Tank 1: Although your fish seem very happy and healthy, this tank needs some work as an aquascape. I would invest in better lighting and take out those plastic plants. There are plenty of lower maintenance plants that could create a much better presentation.

Tank 2: Again, a pleasant little forest. I think you are on the right track with this aquarium, though. I would remove the sword plant that seems to be in the V of your two ceramic pieces to create some much needed depth. I would take out the unnatural ceramic pieces and replace them with some brown rocks. Judging by the weak look of some of the plants, I think this tank could benefit from some lighting and some CO2 injection.
Nonetheless, it looks like a happy home for some fish.

Tank 3: Please remove those floating rooted plants... they are too large and distracting for this little scape. I would also remove the flat pieces of colorful rock in favor of something more natural looking. Again, investing in more lighting and CO2 injection should help broaden your plant choices and improve your plant health.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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