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Pictures of APC members

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Well here I am w/ my little sis; what do you look like?


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Heh, we should get a personals thread started...

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Sorry, bad hair day:( I guess our avatars give a fair resemblance.. except your PG, not even close:p

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Little hard to find a picture of me not at a bar.


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except your PG, not even close:p
Are you trying to tell me I'm a poor artist? :p I don't have highlights in my hair anymore and it is cut short, and that picture was taken in the middle of Summer by someone trying to be funny. My office is freezing thus I am forced to wear fleece in the middle of Summer. Finally, after much fighting, I've been assigned a portable heater this week! YAY! (they clocked my office at 52 degrees - the trouble is, one control for approximately 10 offices, my side being really cold and the other side of the hall being very hot. No, the other side wouldn't trade with me but they always complained about the heat ).
Don't feel bad about the art abilities PG (I think you did a fine job on yours anyway).... I'm a southpaw and a right handed mouser so I'm doomed when it comes to that stuff.
Gosh, I wish I could trade offices with you. Ours is like a sauna every morning when I come in.....

Hey, I want to see more of the member pics - they're fun! :D
Hey this idea to post our pictures started in the chat room. There are quite a bit of people that never go there. Check the chat room out, it's become a great place to meet!


Funny, creepy:

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My Pocket Protector is in My Other Purse.

I am a plantoholic and my pocket protector is in my other purse.


From an e-mail forward today. Ha ha ha :lol:

"This Idea Is ElimiGREAT!"

Have you seen that show ElimiDATE? Oh man, it's a keeper. They pair up one guy with four girls (or vice versa) and then, one by one, he kicks them to the curb until he's left with the one with the largest breasts. It's easily the most brilliant show since Small Wonder got canceled.

The only problem is that everyone on the show has the IQ of tomato juice. So I think they should have a Joe Millionaire-esque spin-off. Imagine if the four lunkedheaded college boys were paired up with a woman who was secretly a PHD in, say, organic chemistry. Then, during their outings, the woman is instructed to discuss her field of expertise as much as possible, even while the men resort to their usual lower-common-denominator innuendo to try and get in her pants.

  • Boy: So, what do you like and stuff?
    Woman: I like studying heterogeneous catalysts and cleavage of structural proteins.
    Boy: Cleavage! Yeah, baby!
    Woman: I also enjoy working on RNA isolation by acid guanidinium thiocyanate-phenol-chloroform extraction.
    Boy: Right on. I like basketball and gettin' busy.
Then, after the four dupes have gone out with the genius, they are rounded up and given an exam on the subject matter. Whoever scores the highest gets a scholarship at the community college of their choice.

This will be a great show. It will be called "EluciDATE".
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Re: My Pocket Protector is in My Other Purse.

CS wins. That's has to be the funniest post I have read in a long time. Maybe you should change your major and pitch that in Hollywood. Thank god I read this at home, I might have spewed coffee on my computer at work!
saving some bandwidth....


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