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Ya pays yer money and takes yer chances...

I do not have first hand experience with either the seller or the product

Thats said.

Having read quite a bit about the seller and the product I have this gut feeling, and those that know me know there is a lot of gut to feel.

The seller has changed names multiple times on ebay. That in it's self is not a huge matter, but one does wonder why a seller would lose a built up reputation for a new name, unless there were issues.

Warranty on the products is 30 days from the day the invoice is printed. Hopefully they print and ship the same day and it gets to you quickly. They do sell an extended Warranty but only for a 6 mo period. This by it's self again is no big deal.

The reports I have read on the packing for shipping say it leaves quite a bit to be desired. It was described as cut up boxes taped to make a shell to ship in.

The website has no contact information, no phone #, no street address. Could be an oversite by a web designer.

The "actinic" bulbs are merely a white bulb painted blue. Who cares right, we don't need no stinkin actinic for the plants anyway.

T5 bulbs are a non standard size.

There are no replacement bulbs listed for sale on the site. How do I replace a burnt out bulb?

Each one of these taken by themselves is not a huge issue, but when you look at all the facts in one place at one time it becomes one of those things that make you go "hmmmm".

Again, I have no first hand knowledge of the company nor of their products, just a cynical eye and a nose for the facts.

One last thing...are the products UL or CSA listed?
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