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Pin vs Screw

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Is there any significant difference between Compact Fluorescent Lamps which have a screw-on based and those which have a pin-light base assuming it has the same wattage, lumens, color?

(Ignore the differences in physical attributes like one needs ballasts).

Trying to do a DIY CFL for my 29g. Thanks.
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There is a huge difference. The screw bulbs are almost always spiral in shape. This leads to a huge loss of light due to re-strike. Also due to the design of the bulb and the high amount of re-strike getting any kind of decent reflector is almost impossible. With the screw type bulbs I figure that you get at most 40% efficiency of the bulb.

With the straight pin type you have much less re-strike. Also the bulb is longer which gives better coverage. A simple white painted reflector will work fairly well with this type of bulb.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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