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So, I happened to read in another thread that planaria are harmful to baby shrimp. I noticed that they are often gliding around the glass and rocks and even watched an adult shrimp peck at it while hunting for food. The worm glided away quickly and the shrimp seemed unphased. I have tons of breeding happening and lots of shrimp in all stages of growth from hatchling to seasoned veteran.

How do the worms kill the shrimp? Is it something in their skin or slime trail that is left behind that is toxic? I didn't notice them actively hunting the shrimp and they didn't look fast enough to prey on them.

Will I notice that my populations are suddenly dropping off? I started with 7 shrimp a few months ago, added 5 more and now I'm experiencing a population explosion. Probably 50+ shrimp in the tank now. What can I expect in the coming days?
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