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Interesting project.

Around here (mid-atlantic) and in New England, the crayfish hide from predators under flat rocks and wood. I don't think it matters what type of rock you use, but try and create caves and nooks for the Crawdad to hide in.

As far as plants go, I'd try Java ferns and moss first. The moss may be eaten, but it's cheap and low maintenance, I doubt the critter will develop a taste for the fern. Floating plants like Hydrocotyles, or Limnobium will also be interesting and safe from the beasty.

It may or may not help to keep the plants away from the substrate. The Crayfish will spend most of its time on the bottom, so might keep its attention away from the plants long enough that they can survive if you put them on top or around the tops of your wood/rocks.

To give the plants a little more of a sporting chance, you may want to bubble ina little CO2 via a yeast reactor occasionally. It's cheap, and it'll extend the life/beauty of your plants for sure.

HTH :)
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