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PLans coming together for OLIVER KNOTT's US Return

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Don't know if anyone is planning on attending this outside of NASH (Nature Aquarium Society of Houston) members and some DFWAPC members, BUT it looks like FRIDAY, APRIL 8th will be the big "Tour of the Tanks" and SATURDAY, APRIL 9th will be Oliver's presentation, Collaborative Layout Session, and this just added... A huge catered banquet Saturday night at Gallery ADG. We got one of our restaurant clients to handle this affair- South American cuisine- their food is amazing. That's really the only thing we are trying to get some count/RSVP for, obviously so we can make sure there's enough food for all. This is very much a come one, come all event and the price is: FREE! You can e-mail Jeff - [email protected] with questions or to RSVP for the banquet. I can help with hotels in the area, etc.
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It is a shame the free somehow doesn't magically pertain to airfare and hotel LOL.

Looks like you have a really sweet event in the works! Be sure that you have a few shutter-happy camera folk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, that really sounds like a teriffic time. I only hope onday to be in the position to attend these sort of things, or throw my own..... I hope everyone has a great time and takes lots of pics:)
Thanks, guys- I wish I could put a few people up at my house or something but the wife is 7 mos. pregnant and not too up for guests right now! Oliver is staying at my brother's...I will ask around and see if anyone in club or something might have room...I know that still leaves the airfare situation though. We will definitely document the whole thing with tons of photos- especially the layout/aquascaping stuff.
I didn't really mean to ask for free lodging..sorta one of those "would be nice" things :) You think the airlines will trade plants for airfare? LOL
when and where is this happening Jeff? I may want to come see it.
It's April 7th-9th at Gallery ADG here in Houston, TX.

What time is the party on Saturday. I have my return plane booked at 8:10pm on saturday night.
It will be in full swing by then! It will start at 6:00p. I'm seeing a 6-9 scenario. Maybe we can make it a bit earlier so you can make it for a while! Do you know if you are flying out of Bush or Hobby airport? Hobby is very close to ADG, Bush is a good 30-40 minutes away.

Thanks for reply. I spoke to Luiz today and he described the scenario for the weekend. I tried calling Continental to switch my return to Sunday but they want $100 for making the change. I'm still booked for 8:10pm from Bush. I wish I was there full time.
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