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According to someone i was talking to who deals with golfcourses plant adapt tp light levels when younge, and once htey are older they cannot change their light levels much and survive.
What i mean is say you have a Rotala sp green and it was grown in a very low light condition when younge. They plant according to my sourve may not be able to revert back into full light without dying or suffering from problems. I use Rotala sp. green because it seems to matter what i do to my nutrient levels it wont grow right. It shows chlorosis (Yellowing between veins) but even when i dose 20ml of plantex csm and 15ml of Coral life Iron supplement it still shows the signs. I do not get this at all, that is one hefty shot all at once. I've never tried to maintain it long because algae growth seems to pick up later in the week. Do you think i should get some courage and just load the thing u p with 70ml weekly of plantex cxm and 60ml of Coral life Iron and see what happens? I am a little gunshy of algae at this point.

This is kinda a double topic post i guess.
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