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What do you think of the Plant Auctions here at APC?

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Thank all.

The point of the plant auctions is to give members another avenue to use an auction system in a place where 100% of the people are plantaholics. Hopefully, this would result in a higher price being paid for the plant because our members would have a better idea of what they are buying.

Also, we understand that there are those of you that buy and sell a lot. You typically visit AquaBid often. If that's the case, the perhaps our plant auction is not for you. AquaBid offers you a volume of eyeballs that we can't at the moment.

However, there are others that don't visit AquaBid often, such as myself. I typically trade plants with friends and don't buy online. However, if one morning I come for my daily APC fix and see Cryptocoryne zukalii scrolling across the bottom of the index page available for sale, I would immediately go buy it. If it was in AquaBid I would not have purchased it.

Our auctions are 100% free. So it is easy for you to use. Also, generally you know who you are selling to as they are part of our community. This brings some safety to the transaction.

The above notwithstanding, we don't want to keep a feature that nobody uses. So, those of you that said you would use it, PLEASE do so.

Those of you that said you don't like the format, PLEASE tell me how you would change it. We have a very good about taking your advice and making changes.

I thank all of you for taking the time to vote and posting your comments. It is what makes our online family strong.

Have a great holiday season everyone!
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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