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Plant finder - leave the common names!

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I understand, respect, and appreciate all of the hard work and dedication put into correctly identifying plants.

I also understand, empathize, and frequently join with those who get frustrated knowing only the commercial or commonly referenced trade names of plants.

Unfortunately, I find myself in the second camp a lot more than the first camp, so have come to pick a bone/make a suggestion! :)

Examples: Tonina Belem. Hemigraphis Traian.

Is it not possible to leave an entry in the plant finder under the commonly known name, reference it simply to a link in the description that says something like "Incorrect species name, plant is actually XXXX. Please go here (link) for species description."

This allows for the correct nomenclature to be made known without frustrating those who are trying to find the plants, via the name the buy them under in the first place. Incorrect or not, genericized trademark/industry standard names should not be ignored in a tool meant to help people find and identify their flora.
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Agreed, I was going to rant about common names, but this is a good idea to help the problem of confusion that exists, and also keep some newcomers from being stonewalled from the hobby.
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