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Hello. I'm new to APC. I've come to increase my knowledge base on advanced planted tank chemistry. I recently hit a road block with my aquarium. I have a 140 gallon aquarium with approx 20" water depth. This aquarium has been setup for approx 9 months now. My goal with this setup is to make it just as eye catching as my 220 gal reef aquarium that's in the same room as it. I have been focusing on red, orange, yellow, and purpleish plants (mostly stem plants). For a while I was pruning out full 2-3 1-gallon bags of plants every 2 weeks. The color was ok on the plants and I have slowly increasing the amount of light over the tank. Also about 3-4 months ago I started using dry ferts. But about one month ago my plants' growth diminished significantly and algae started growing in the tank. A dark green short filamentous on the leaves and a cyano bacteria on certain places on the bottom and on my Ammania plants. I'm sure I have a nutrient imbalance. I'm just trying to figure out which things I did wrong.

I use RO water for water changes. I change 50% every week. My parameters are as follows: NO3- 20-25ppm, PO4- 0.5-0.6ppm, GH- 300pm, pH- 6.0-6.8, dKh- 1-2, & temp 82-86. I have 900w of led lighting (maybe too much). Its mostly 6500K daylight with approx 200w of horticulture red/blue mix 4:1 ratio. They are on an 8 hour photoperiod. I was dosing 6tbsp of epsom salts after every water change (I suspect its too much). I have approx 20ppm of Ca in in the RO water. I don't dose NO3 or PO4 because I have a high fish bioload. I was dosing 1tbsp K2SO4, 2tsp Plantex, 0.5tsp iron chelate EDTA 3x's a week. I was wondering if I was getting heavy metal poisoning from too many micros. My CO2 is cranked pretty high. I basically have it just under the threshold were my fish are showing respiratory distress.

After I do my water change this weekend, I want to put on a lot of GAC and some polyfilter pads to strip everything out and start out with a clean chemistry slate. But I want to get in a proper dosing regimen. HELP! and Thank you!
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