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This reactor works really well in my 20G. It appears to be much more efficient than the various passive diffusers I\'ve tried in the past and requires less CO2 to achieve the desired dissolved levels. It\'s also quite solidly built and looks as attractive as possible for something that goes in the tank.

Also, it does provide some nice secondary mechanical filtration in my tank and I imagine you could get by with this as the only filter on a heavily planted 20 gallon or smaller.

On the downside, it does take up a good bit of space (which is more of an issue in the smaller tanks this is designed for). Every month or two it also requires more extensive cleaning than just rinsing out the pad - I usually have to disassemble and rinse out the pump to keep it from getting clogged with plant debris.

ProsVery efficient CO2 reactor, provides some filtration
ConsTakes up space in tank, requires regular cleaning
Would you recommend?yes
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