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Plant I.D. Please?

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Thanks! :D
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I think its Rotala indica or it could be Rotala magenta. It looks like some of what I have growing in my tank but im not really sure since I have both. Please correct me if im wrong.
Yeah. I just saw another pic on here that said Rotala. But, I don't know which one. I've seen pics of Indica elsewhere that don't look anything like this.
yes, looks to me as rotala rotundifolia, in low light conditions (for the green-yellow color)....
became red with hight light...

me parece rotala rotundifolia, en condiciones de baja luminosidad (por el color verde-amarillo)...
se pone rojiza-roja con alta iluminación..

Yes. It's low light! I got them as extras and thought I would see how they did. Still quite pretty, I think.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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