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PLANT ID: Polygonum spp.

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I have two species of Polygonum whose names I would love to know. The first hails from western North Carolina (near Vance County). Google revealed the existence of over 20 Polygonum species in the southeastern United States. Would anyone like to take a stab at this particular one? [smilie=l:


The second species was collected in Brazil. It produces spade-shaped leaves.

My gratitude for your expertise. [smilie=w:
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Hey cS - I don't know the species, but I do know that Vance County isn't Western NC...if anything, it's North East Central NC..... You came to my county to come get it ???? Where was it found if I may ask?
Nope, that Haywood County, several hours west of me. One would think it would be a cool weather plant, but it's doing fine for you? I stomped around the ponds where I board my horse, and nothing plant-wise was growing in the water. :( I'm not brave enough to look for streams in the woods, someone might mistake me for a deer or a turkey and shoot me!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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