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PLANT ID: Polygonum spp.

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I have two species of Polygonum whose names I would love to know. The first hails from western North Carolina (near Vance County). Google revealed the existence of over 20 Polygonum species in the southeastern United States. Would anyone like to take a stab at this particular one? [smilie=l:


The second species was collected in Brazil. It produces spade-shaped leaves.

My gratitude for your expertise. [smilie=w:
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PLANT ID: Fissidens sp. (addendum)

Piscesgirl said:
I don't know the species, but I do know that Vance County isn't Western NC...if anything, it's North East Central NC..... You came to my county to come get it ???? Where was it found if I may ask?
I came to see you of course but you wouldn't come out from behind the shed. Every now and then, you would take a peak to see if I've left. I waved. You screamed. We both ran in opposite directions. :axe:

I went back to my records and found the name of the collection place: Lake Junaluska in Waynesville. Is that Vance County? I was in the area from my visit to the Biltmore Estate. The plant was found growing along the banks in the frigid November weather. Among those collected was this bryophyte whose genus I did not know until recently: Fissidens. An ugly little bugger but I have separation issues. Any idea as to its species name?

Photo courtesy of lorba,

fishfry said:
the second one is cool!! I can tell you it isn't spp. "sao paulo", but that is about it.
Do you have a picture of the 'Sao Paulo' variant? The one in the photo above is the first species of Polygonum I've seen that produces spade-shaped leaves. However, the real gem is the first green one. It is absolutely stunning planted in groups. Definitely my favorite between the two. It isn't terribly fast growing nor is it slow either. A perfect candidate for a Dutch-inspired aquascape IMHO. I used to not hold native plants with much regards, but every plant in the hobby is "local" to someone somewhere right? [smilie=l:

[QUOTE=Raul-7]the second plant depends on where it what part of Brazil it was collected from.[/quote]
I'm afraid I can't narrow down its locale much further than that. My apologies. I was hoping that it was distinctive enough to ID. What are the species choices that you are suspecting it to be?
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