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My advice would be yes, it is more than enough vegetation, but oh my lord, cut down the number of plants.

You have a million varieties, it'll end up looking like a huge mish mash jungle that nothing stands out in, if that makes sense.

Pick out say 4 or 5 stems for the back. A few bunches of each. this'd be all the hygros, rotalas, ludwigias.

If the goal is to make it grow in quickly and soak nutrients while anubias and crypts establish, then do that - this means dump the more difficult/touchy ones, like the balsamica, peruensis, hippuroides, macrandra.

Use fast easy growers that are easy to trim, and easy to remove. Anacharis is fast growing, but a nasty pervasive little weed that snaps off, floats, and regrows, for instance, and so does potamagetan gayi.

I'd rather use the wisteria if you simply want easily removable nutrient hogs, or load it up with easy to grow things like the broad leaf ludwigia, rotala indica, etc.... fast growers easy to later remove.

It sort of feels like you are buying your finish scape, and buying an initial nutrient cycle hog scape, all at once.... they don't look like they'd all fit, to me. ;)
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