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Plant package

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This is a great little plant package.

10+ stems of Myriophyllum mattogrossense

10+ stems of Rotala colorata

10+ stems of Rotala sp. green 'needle leaf'

2 rhizomes of Anubias nana with 5-7 leaves each.

$20.00 shipped.
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Roy, I will take it off you.

Are you going to the meeting on Sunday.
If you do, or if you have somebody that can take it for you, bring it and they can mail it with the rest of my stuff that Paula and Bryan are going to Proxy bid for me.
PM me the paypal addy again and I will give you my shipping address.

Can you hold off until Monday to ship so it doesn't get held up at the Post office over the weekend?
That happened with a pack Dan sent me and it was bad news.
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