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Hi, I have just finished planting my Aquarium with hairgrass, Sea grass, pelia moss, Aquarose and java moss..
The sea grasses were not in such a great condition , some had become a light brown when i planted them, also the java moss and pelia have some yellow portions in them
I have added azoo carbon plus 10 ml for my 430 gallon tank... I do this daily every morning. and sitwch off the lights at night... Does OXygen also have to be ON for them to grow?

No fishes in the tank , just the plants for now..Im very worried about them as they need to grow..
How long will the grass and moss take to spread???
IO planted around 5-7 clumps of hairgrass every 1.5-2 inches away..
Take is 5 feet in length, 2 feet height and 1.5 feet in Depth.

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