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OK; Here goes I have a 55 gal 4 foot aquarium that I want to put live plants in. Have tried in the past with medicore success. This time I replaced my quartz gravel with roughly 75 pounds of Flourite and now have a nice looking tank with a good substrate. I broke down and reinstalled my CoralLife 130 6500K hood for lighting. And of course I have a UV sterilizer so I won't start alage spores in the tank. I am now ready to replant my tank and would need reccomendations for "hardy" but nice looking plants. Also I would like to put in a nice piece of driftwood. I am looking for types of plants and how many and where to place them. Also do you reccomend using SeaChem plant fert or something else. Also lighting how long? My tank gets natural lighting from one side during the day and I am worried about getting algae blooms like I got before I stopped using live plants. I have the light on a timer right now and plan on using it for 3-4 hours so I hopefully won't get algae blooms. But any advice from everyone out there will be greatly appreciated.
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