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I was wondering if any of the plant gurus could shed any light on my rooting problems. I have a 46 gal lighting 1 x 96 watt 6700k and one 96 w combo 6700/10000k lamps 10 hours / day ,
flourite/pea gravel/first layer laterite substrate,
pressurized CO2 - 2 bubbles/sec
'EI' fertilization method,1/4 tsp Potassium Nitrate 1/16 tsp Mono Potassium Phosphate day 2,4,6
1/16 tsp CSM+B day 1,3,5
50 % water change / week adding 1/2 teaspoon Plaster of Paris (CaSo4) and 1 teaspoon Epson salt (MgSO4) to replacement water

Nitrates 10 to 20ppm

4 corries
6 praecox rainbow
3 Ottos
Loads of Cherry shrimp and 4 amino shrimp

The problem I have is my Blyxia Japonica and HC will not root they seem to grow sort of OK but small twisted whitish leaves and no or very few roots as a result they are easity uprooted by my corries. My java fern hardly grows at all and leaves are small and blackened. The crypts grow well and then melt and grow well again

The plants should be growing like crazy but not, what am I doing wrong, any advice / insight would be appreciated

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HC can be a bear to keep down, especially with coarser substrates. I tried it on a 10 gal once with one catfish, and a bunch of Endlers, and couldn't do it and keep my sanity. :)

Blyxa sometimes takes a little time to acclimate to a new tank, but after it does, it usually does well. Is yours recently introduced? If so, just be patient. Crypt melting is a symptom of changing conditions. Crypts don't like you to mess with the stability of the system. I've had huge clumps of wendtiis melt because I changed my fert regimen.

Not sure what to say regarding the java.
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