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bunch of full beautiful stems sitting around... I need to keep my grow out tank from over flowing... These are nice plants and will fill any need for any of the plants listed.

shipping is $6 I'd like to ship before thursday...
paypal only please

Limnophila Aromatica 8 stems 12 inches ~ $8 (HUGE stems, awesome deal!) bad pic, sorry.

Ludwigia Arcuata x Repens 8 stems ~ $5 (nice hybrid)

Hygro bold 6 stems ~ $6 (super cool plant!) PENDING

Polygonum Porto Vehlo 8 stems ~ $2/ stem or $12 for all

ludwigia brevipes 8 stems ~ $5 (2 or 3 available) SOLD

random hygros (polysperma, sunset, ceylon) bunch (3-4 stems ea.) ~ $7
poly/sunset SOLD


crypt lutea ~ $0.50 per plant (4+ leaves each)

Stargrass big bunch (handfull) ~ $7 (2 available)

PM me, and if you want more than two plants and I'll knock the price down a buck or two.
prob have some other stuff up later... pics too.
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