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Planted nano - Kümmerliche Vegetation

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Dimensions - 25X25X28cm (15 liters)

Hemianthus callitrichoides
Vallisneria nana
Pogostemon helferi

- 16 Potimirim glabra native shrimp
- 2 Otocinclus affinis
- 3 Hyphessobrycon amandae

Fertilization and CO2
Substrate - Laterite concentrate + Xaxim bark (****sonia sellowiana) + Earthworm Humus
Liquid - Sarlo Acquafauna (brazilian brand), Seachem Flourish and Flourish Iron.
CO2 - 2 kg cylinder + Boyu glass diffuser

General Equipment
- Azoo Mignon Filter 60 with Seachem Matrix
- Jebo Lighting PL 13W and 21W 6.400K compact fluorescent.
- Marineland Visitherm 50W


- Pool filter sand substrate
- Black rocks (maybe granite)

The aquarium was setup in 30/08/08, but I don`t have any recent general picture, the tank is passing through an algae infestation. :wacko:

My friend Dennis helping with the setup.

The iriatherinas and endlers are in another aquarium now.

I love this fish, it`s a pity that is hard to find in stores.

The downoi is very rare here, I have some thanks to Reinaldo that gave me one stem.

Oto doing its job.

Thats all, I hope that you like! :D

P.S. - The name of the tank is a joke with the fancy english tank names in brazilian foruns, like "green valley" or "refreshing summer breeze". I do not speak german, but with the help of the google translator I choose this name that means "stunted vegetation".

P.S.2 - I think that I should have posted this thread in the "Nano Aquariums" sub-forum.... :oops:
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The H. amandae are very beautiful, I also like them very much... that pic of Otocinclus affinis is really funny lol

Very beautiful tank Chan!!!!
Very beautiful, Chantal. Love the Oto picture. Keep it coming.
Hey Chantal,
Thanks for sharing your nano set up with us, it is very nice. I too like amandae tetras, they can color up much nicer than what you see in stores.

The arrangement of your rocks is very strong but not over powering, very well done.

Be sure to share more about this set up as it develops.

Very beautiful tank and pics!!!! :clap2:

The second pic is interesting. The layout has a lot of possibilities.
I wish I could set up something like this...always worth a try. I was lucky to find those tetras at my lfs, but I didn't buy any, since I didn't want to risk them being from poor stock.
Thats an amandae tetra right? My lfs ALWAYS has them in stock i've got 7 in my tank right now..
Nice tank. I'll be anxious to see the HC grow out.
(BTW moved this thread for you, as requested. :D)
Any updates, Chantal?
I made this weird sound when I saw your Oto photo :)
Sooo cute !
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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