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Onyx helps! It's much easier to plant becuase the granules are soo small. Like Phil said, it would be great to plant in small punches, but if you don't have that much, you can cut them up in to individual plantlets(should have about 2-3 leaves each) and plant those instead. Onyx will still be able to hold them down.

Now if you have low light, expect glosso to grow upwards. If that does happen, keep chopping and replant. Eventually the glosso will train itself to grow out. If you have high light, expect the glosso to grow out instead of up. I had a friend who had an Ah supply 55 watt straight on top of the glosso in his 20 gallon long tank. When I saw the growth of the glosso, I started laughing, because it seemed as if the glosso was growing in to the substrate becuase the light was sooo high. Though that was funny to share. Good luck with your glosso growth!
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