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planting h. callitrichoides

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1. what is the best way to plant it?
2. i have it on a 30L tank with co2 tank, 36w t8 and ada aquasoil. after i planted it the water has turn green. what is the best way to get rid of it? cant use uv cause the tank is too small 4 my uv unit.
3. can i propegate it faster if i let it float like riccia?
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1. Take a small portion and stick it in the gravel (3-7 stems)
2. Peroxide might work
3. I dont know anyone who has tried it, but i would guess it might work. I would just leave it in the gravel... I doubt it will be a drastic difference.
thanks shane
where can i get peroxide and how much should i dose?
I just stick short lengths (3/4" or so) of stems into the gravel so that a little more than half of it is buried. That's mainly to keep it frokm being uprooted by my fish. Doesn't always work so in the beginning I was replanting portions of it every day.

Pieces that are too small to plant I let float until they grow big enough to be planted. More often than not these short stems will get caught on the sponge pre-filter I have on my cannister intake and just start growing there until I pull it off with a tweezer.

Why do you say that your tank is too small for your UV? Hooked up to a small pump/powerhead it should take care of your green water in no time.
3. can i propagate it faster if i let it float like riccia?

I had it growing on my riccia, more for survival mode, cause I was having problems with algae in the tank. The riccia and the HC is in an emersed setup now.

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I dose 24 oz of Peroxide (Which comes in a 3% solution) per 125 gallons if algae growth is heavy. I think it depends more on algae growth. I would do 2oz per 10 gallons for your situation. Take the fish out if your a worry wart, i leave them in. And probably 100 people see my tanks a day, so that shows the confidence i have with it .

I get mine from Local drug stores, it is used as an antiseptic type deal. Good stuff... lots to read up on at the krib. Very inexpensive.
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