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Planting tight groups

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I've noticed that some plants take some time to take off if planted in a tight group. My experience is with dwarf sag and hairgrass - groups of 5 to 10 sags and approximately 20-30 individual hairgass plants.

Planting the plants separately seems to help them produce new leaves and spread faster. The difference in speed is very noticeable. Granted, separating and planting individual hairgrass plants is truly challenging and tweezers are a must :D

I believe that the reason for the slower growth when planting tight groups is that the roots interfere with each other. Once new roots form and spread the plants take off.

Any similar experience? Opinions?

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I just set up my new 55 gallon with a very large patch of hairgrass. I planted maybe 30-40 tiny hairgrass plantlets from 5 pots of hairgrass. Just wondering how long it takes for the spreading to begin. Maybe you can tell me your experience with hairgrass.

What I've seen is that hairgrass just sits there for a while and then explodes. I think you will actually see it spreading in about 7 to 10 days.

Also - if you happen to have Florida flag fish in your tank you better take them out. They pull the hairgrass out.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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