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I went out today and collected some plants... I am not sure all of them are aquatic.. the water level this days is low in S. Florida so I am not sure if this are plants that will thrive submersed....

- If you see something you can ID, please shoot the name.
- If you see something that should not be in the aquarium, jump, scream... oh, and please let me know.

Here they go...


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#6 is a Crinum species, probably C. americanum, which is found in the southeastern states.
#5 looks like a Utricularia species (bladderwort)
#4 could be a Ludwigia species
#2 has leaves like Ceratopteris, but it is a stem plant, whereas Ceratopteris is a crown plant. Ceratopteris is a fern, but I bet #2 is a flowering plant. It looks like it is adapted to submersed or emersed growth. This could be an interesting aquarium plant.
Yup! #5 is a bladderwort. You can see the little bladders on the leaves.
I think that some or most of the bladderworts do not produce roots. They are like Ceratophyllum in that respect. I would weight the stems down on the gravel with some small pebbles, but would not expect them to root.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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