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Hey all,

As you may know, NEAPS is trying to donate alot of plants to the NEC this year. A portion will be for the NEC's fund raiser and a portion will be sold in the auction where our cut will go to the NEAPS tiller. Helps to pay for the website, meeting places, fun member things, etc. Well, either my wet thumb is to wet or I did not plan my trimming right but I have more plants than I have a home for The convention is 11 days away and 13 till the auction. I fear that my extras will overshadow plant slated for the Auction as well as plants for my personal aquascapes. I have about 2-3 huge portions of Elatine triandria, a large bunch of Myriophyllum matergrossense, Mayaca fluviatalus Heteranthera zosterifolia and Hygro angustifolia that could use a home. Thinning by me now will also let me bring a little more come auction time. Basically these plants need a well lit aquarium to float in for about 1 week.

If you have a little space let me know and I'll priority mail them to you, on me.

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