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plants competition for resources

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The thing I've notice in my tanks is that plants compete for resources and end up growing at different rates. I don't know if this has to do with one plant being healthier than another, or if one is 'stronger' than the other. For example, my glosso slows down when my Rotala gets real thick. I would think any phosphate that gets dosed is absorbed by the Rotala, and not much is left for the glosso. When the Rotala gets a hair cut, the glosso picks up speed and gets out of control. Anyone experience this or have input on wether this is really happening?
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Yes, some plants are able to out compete others for resources. This happens all the time in the wild and is a logical guess for your aquarium given the observations. I've seen similar things in my aquariums as well. When you get a large bunch of a fast growing, or fast absorbing, plant, it's going to take up more resources than a smaller bunch of the same plant will. Personally, I'd like to find something that keeps the glosso growing slowly. :)
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