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Take a look at some 10gallon tanks. They have the same depth dimension. That will give you some scaping ideas.

As far as re-scaping tanks, there are many tanks that have been rescaped. Just do a search for that word and start reading.

So potential hazards
1. ammonia releases, do necessary water changes, add some extra Prime.
2. cloudy water, micro/micron pads in your filter and Clairity will take care of these. Even really cloudy water won't hurt the fish. Think of hard rains in ponds and rives.
3. changing out substrate - new tank cycle. If you look at my 125g tank thread I did this. Others have too. You need to decide how fed up with your present tank to justify the amount of work involved. I only lost 4 fish - 2 ottos, and 2 khulis that committed suicide.

Good luck with your decisions.
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