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The following are grown under MH lighting with press co2 & EI ferts. No snails, thank you clown loach! little algae if any as I dose excel all the time, and ill give a quick excel spray down before shipping.

Dwarf Lobelia - 2 baseball size bushes. You can separate a bushes into a dozen smaller plants or so. very bushy, maybe even more like a softball. 10$ each bush

Narrowleaf Java fern - 3 portions - 5-6" leaves 4 or 5 leaves each portion. $4 ea portion

Blyxa Japonica - I must have at least a dozen plantlets, not even sure how much till i trim it out. 3 for $2 or one big bunch probably the size of a grapefruit and enough to do a pretty large mid/foreground for $10.

Bacopa Carolinia - 1 portion - 4 4"-6" stems. Thick, healthy stems. $3

or Take it all for $30, all offers welcome. Im shipping from NJ, and am not shipping out until monday to prevent risk of plants sitting in hot post office all weekend. shipping is $6.

I accept Paypal or Revolution Money exchange. I give extras and anything else I have laying around. I also have tons of royalty free sample discs in various formats (mostly wav anda reason refills) for anyone into making hip hop/club/ elcectronic beats or DJing for sale and/or trade. :spit:
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