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Plants for sale or trade!

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i have...

2 bunches - big bunch of hairgrass (eleocharis sp. NOT dwarf) $5 Sold!
2 - anubias barteri var. nana, healthy and 99.9% algae free 10-13 leaves Sold!
1 bunch - all of the p. yatabeanus you see in the picture Sold!
1 bunch - of HM $2
5 small stems of blyxa - $3
1 stem of downoi Sold!

$5 priority shipping on saturday. Please add $.50 for paypal fees if paying with CC paypal!


Healthy bunch of stargrass
potamogeton gayii
polygonumhydropiperoides or kawagoeanum
purple bamboo
crypt retrospiralis
crypt parva or x 'willisi'

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this stuffs going like hotcakes!

take the rest for $9 shipped and ill include a surprise!
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