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I have the following for sale:

The following stems are tops, no bottoms. Stem size is 3"-6" and they are listed from smallest stems to largest.

Tonina manaus: 5 stems (2 bunches) $5/bunch
Rotala sp. 'Vietnam: 4 stems (1 bunch) $3
Rotala verticillaris: 5 stems (1 bunch) $4
Heteranthera zosterifolia: 8-10 stems (1 bunch) $5 SOLD
Hygro sp. 'Tiger': 4 nice stems (1 bunch) $5
Hygro corymbosa 'angustifolius': 3 stems $3

The following plants are sold whole w/ roots. I'm removing them entirely from my tank.

Alternanthera reineckii: 1 6" plant (the whole plant) $3
Lobelia cardinalis: 2 plants, one 5-6", the other about 3-4" $3 for both SOLD

Also, I have the following "freebies" for anyone who orders 2 bunches or more. First come first serve. You'll likely get a stem or two, maybe more.

Pogostemon stellata 'narrow' (not 'fine')
Didplis diandra
Echinodorus angustifolia
Echinodorus tenellus (regular kind, 1 runner)

Saturday shipping, $6 flat rate. Non-CC Paypal. PM w/ any questions. Thanks!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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