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Plants From GWAPA

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Ladies and gentlemen our friends form Washington DC is sending us plants this week. As soon as I get them I will sort them and have them ready for pick up, get your tanks ready we are getting plants from one of the best clubs in the nation so there will be rare plants in it as well.
I guess we can have pizza Friday again if is more convenient for you all.
Thank you GWAPA specially Dave, Kris, Aaron, Ghazanfar and Jeff
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Hey Luis, thanks for the heads-up !
Thanks lot to GWAPA again.

You are more than welcome folks. We had fun putting it together, and the donations pile actually outsized our club auction pile by a good bit! (If you've never seen our auctions, we've run over 100 bags of plants before. ;))

Please be ready for it folks! Tons of goodies in there. ;)
A super BIG thanks to GWAPA for helping us. I can't even fathom what an awesome sight it's gonna be when the plants arrive:rolleyes:

NASH folks, I think THE best way we can repay all of the kindnesses we have received is by doing our absolute best and create really great layouts. I have a few I am working on now. Once the plants take shape I will definitely post pictures here!
The boxes are on their way now....
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