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Plants with Undergravel Filter?

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Good morning APC!

I'm very new to plants and I plan on introducing new plants to my aquarium. However, my aquarium uses undergravel filter which does a good job and I don't have plans of changing it. I've heard that using undergravel filter (UGF) is not a good idea for plants but I would really like to keep the UFG. So, I need your advise on the best way to introduce and take care of plants taking into consideration the UGF. Thanks very much.

(By the way, does anyone know what's a red wave plant and yellow rose plant?)


My tank - 30 gallon horizontal tank:

4 Featherfin Catfish
5 Angelfish
8 Sepae Tetra
1 red swordfish
6 albino cory
6 bronze cory
1 Clown Loach
3 Glass Fish

These fishes are quite small, except for the Angels which are about 3 inches.

I have 1 driftwood and 1 decor. Approximately 20% of the right-side of the aquarium are covered with short plants.

I have an undergravel filter with 2 tubes on each of the rear corners. I am using airpumps for both tubes with the air being pushed through a small tube down into the gravel and up a bigger tube. The gravel are small pebbles, not sand.

I've also begun vacuuming the about 30% of the gravel once a week when I change 30% of the H2O.
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You can use plants you don't have to plant like Java fern, Java Moss & Anubias; these plants can be tied to wood or rocks. You can also use floaters like Hornwort & Water lettuce.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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