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Don't panic. At least your water isn't soft. First call up the water company and ask for a report, or go online to try to find it. You actually have been doing very well without the test kits, which is something that takes a while to master. Don't be panicked by one reading.

My KH is 7 and my GH seems to be off the scale >20. The plants love the hardness. You situation is a little different but still probably fine. You just need to have someone verify the KH. But its a lot better than having zero KH.

Be careful about using 4 Watts per gallon. Everything accelerates including use of the nutrients etc. Algae grows quicker too. I would stay at two Watts per gallon for a while since you were so successful with 1.5 W/g.

Also pH=7.2, KH=15 gives 28 ppm CO2 which is very good. per Chuck's online calculator.

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