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I'd get a CO2 regulator minus the solenoid gizmo. Not needed IMHO as I run CO2 24/7 in all my tanks and never have a problem. All that

If all you have is a 20 I'd go with DIY CO2. If you get a pressurized outfit -- you may as well buy more/bigger tanks. That's the progression of this disease anyway. Why fight it?

Need to check that KH/GH ratio - something's screwy. Best bet is the water company.

Carlos and the others have given you great advise -- take it. Relax and do a little reading of the Krib. You may need to read it twice for it to take. Have any questions bring them here. You, or anyone else that's new couldn't be in better hands.

You should hear what we had to go to make plants happen in our tanks even ten years ago!
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