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So I gave up on my driftwood and put in a new piece, which I like alot more, but I think I need to rethink the plants. My I idea is to add more gravel and cover the base more fully, then possibly add sand and wrap it from the back of the driftwood towards the front. Any ideas on plants to go up the driftwood? I was thinking something to hang from the limb.
I spotted snails so I threw a clown loach in there(small maybe 2in). Is this the best way to kill snails?
Also, is it a good idea to add a UV sterilizer?
Pics are here

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If you add sand to gravel, keep in mind, it will just fall between the granules of the gravel, so in short time, you will not see it. I wouldn't recommend that.

As far as what kind of plants to add, it's really your call, and dependent on your tanks parameters (lighting, ferts, etc). Look through lots of pictures and get some ideas. Have fun with it!

In case you haven't, take a look at these two references for lots of good info on starting up a tank:

Loaches will certainly eat snails. Personally, I don't mind them, since they will eat a little algae, and unless you overfeed, they won't be that numerous.
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