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Hello mates, this is my first post! :)
Really wanted this to be my second post because I wanted to do one about the assembly of my planted project on which turns this same query.
But I'm still working on it in detail and with many pictures, I promise to post it when it's ready.

At the moment I'm seeking desperately for advice in the subject of fertilising and algae.

I have some problems with algae and I'm pretty sure it's for lack of a good system of fertilising. There have been so far some outbreaks of cyanobateria and filamentous green algae, I still have some Rodophyta residues (black beard) but this is rather a residual algae and it is not spreading (as it is in plants that I brought from an old aquarium).


I have lit the aquarium at the rate of 1 W / L (74W/75L), nutritious substrate and injection of homemade CO2 (I will put all the details of lighting, substrate and CO2 system in the development of the project post)

Tests performed last night:
pH: 7
gH: 8
kH: 6
NO3: 0
PO4: 0.5
Fe: 0.25
NH3/NH4: 0
NO2: 0

Tap water with which I do water changes gives the following results:
pH: 6.5
GH: 5
kH: 3
NO3: 0
PO4: 1
Fe: 0.5
NH3/NH4: 0
NO2: 0

I have not fertilised yet for I want to be advised by more instructed guidance from more experienced colleagues in planted aquaria and fertilising.
I have available:
- Potassium nitrate - N20%, 46% K20, 41% inert,
- Potassium phosphate - 51.9% P2O5, K2O 34.6%
- Potassium sulfate - K2O 50%, S 18%
- 1 gallon of distilled water
- A micronutrient supplement with the following composition: N 0.15%; B 0.0005%, 0.0005% Cu, 0.26% Fe, 0.05% Mn, 0.0007% Mo, 0.003% Zn

The fauna in the aquarium is:
- 16 neons
- 4 zebra danio
- 1 Harlequin Rasbora
- 6 Cherry Shrimp
- 6 Guppies (2 males and 4 females, who actually recently bred in this same aquarium)

- Anubias barterii (lots),
- Cabomba aquatica (2),
- Ceratophyllum demersum (1 biggie)
- Cryptocoryne pontedeerifolia (as 6),
- A couple of chunks with Vesicularia dubyana (Java moss) and Microsorium Pteropus (Java Fern)
- Myriophyllum aquaticum (3),
- Vallisneria gigantea (one that probably will remov, just put it cos its rapid growth),
- Glossostigma elatinoides
- Ceratopteris thalictroides (Sumatra Fern) (2)
- Ludwigia repens (2)
- Eleocharis Parvula
- Alternanthera Reineckii (1)

Well, I think this gives an overview of the problem situation, if any other necessary information is missing just tell me :)

Finally (because it may be important) an overall picture of the aquarium:

I;m really looking forward for your help, Thank you very much and it's a pleasure to meet you!


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0 No3 is the main cause of the BGA. Try to get it up 10 times as high as PO4. Your tap PO4 is 1 so it would help to add 10 ppm NO3 to your tapwater.

1W/L is quite a lot without pressurized CO2. I think DIY CO2 won't be suffice. And you need to add traces/micro's as well. This might help to reduce the green hair algae. Extra CO2 might help as well to reduce the BBA and green algae. Scapewize it looks good;) Good luck!
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