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please id. this plants

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got a few plants from the far east. couldnt identify the following plants. please help id. them

maybe bolbitis sp.?

some kind of crinum?


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1st plant is most likely Trichomanes javanicum. It is not aquatic.

2nd plant is Crinum calamistratum.

2rd plant is an Eriocaulon, but it's nearly impossible for me to say which one or if it could be used in your tank.
thanks cavan, what is the problem with the eriocaulon and my tank? is it the ph levels? or what?
There may not be any problem. What you have looks like emersed growth. There are many, many Eriocaulon species, and while some are aquatic, some are not. I guess you'll find out what you have soon enough. :wink:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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