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For anyone interested, I just discovered that itunes has 24 aquarium-related free podcasts, including one titled "Nature Aquarium Podcasting". Also, there are some podcasts from some of the major public aquariums, such as Monterey Bay, Aquarium of the Pacific and the New England Aquarium. You can also download the audio tour for the GA Aquarium. In addition, there are just as many gardening podcasts, including the Victory Garden and an Organic Gardening radio broadcast. All are free, and very interesting.

Update: The Nature Aquarium podcast is all in a foreign language with no English subtitles. However, The UK's Practical Fishkeeping has a 30 minute segment on setting up a planted tank. Haven't reviewed it yet.
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Nice find :: runs off to itunes store ::
Now if I could just find a way to transfer that George Farmer podcast to a CD/DVD so I could show it at a plant club meeting I would be happy. So far there doesn't seem to be a way to do that.
For a video podcast, all you need is a 1/8" male, RCA female (red, white, yellow plugs) camcorder cable and TV. You'll have to play w/ the RCA end as Apple tends to switch the white/yellow (?) in an effort to get people to spend $$$ on their own cables - but you hook those to the aux input of a TV, plug the 1/8" into the ipod, play video w/ TV set to "On" and you've got it.
Aquarimax is my jam! The topics are spread out and they will interact with listeners that have questions.
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