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Which type of fish do you prefer as your main show fish in an aquascape?

  • Characins (tetras, pencilfish, hatchetfish)

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  • Livebearers (swordtails, guppies, mollies)

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  • Dwarf cichlids (Apistogramma sp., rams, kribensis)

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  • Small anabantids (bettas, chocolate gouramis, sparkling gouramis)

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  • Larger cichlids (discus, angelfish)

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The choice of fish in an aquascape is very important, as it either complements or disrupts the impression one is trying to create. For example, a school of colorful fish like cardinal tetras in an aquascape dominated by red leaved plants often looks garish and tacky. If a fish hides a lot and is too secretive, then the aquascape often looks empty. If a fish is too small for an aquascape, the impression they create can be underwhelming.

The types of fish I like to use most in my aquascapes are shoaling characins, especially the more slender, colorful species like the cardinal tetra, rummynose tetra, and green neon tetra. Although colorful, I feel that their movements are quite soothing --especially the tighter schooling rummynose tetras which tend to move around as one. Compare that to the more hectic danios which are always darting haphazardly throughout the tank. :)

I also enjoy most pencilfish and hatchetfish species because of their unusual body shape and movements. The tube-mouthed pencilfish (N. eques) is a favorite of mine because of its nearly vertical swimming posture. Pencilfish are the hummingbirds of the aquarium fish world, IMO.

I usually like to combine the above with a small group of some type of small anabantid (B. imbellis, chocolate gourami) or dwarf cichlid (blue ram, A. borellii). These add a lot of personality, which the aforementioned fish often lack --this is very important for the owner/viewer which sees the layout day in and day out. Nonetheless, these usually play a secondary role to the overall impression.None

So what fish do you like to keep in your planted aquascapes? Small schooling characins? Larger, more active rainbowfish? Personality-packed Apistogrammas?

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