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I'm thinking of setting up this topic as a review for the various number of Eheim clones that have hit the market. Anyone willing to share their advice? I'll start...

ViaAqua 750 (months in use: 5-6)
I bought this filter after reading various reviews(mostly on cichlid-forum) and especially after Tom recommended it to me. To tell you the truth I'm more than satisfied with it, even though most people said it was a cheap-piece-of-Chinese-plastic. I'm glad it proved them wrong!
> Powerful: it produces a pretty good current in my crowded 58g
> Quiet: it's really quiet, let's just say it's 'Eheim quiet'
> Huge Media Containers: lets you customize to whatever you need
> Effecient: keeps my 58g with my Angelfish and Rams crystal clear, only need to clean the media once so far
> Bad instructions: it takes time to understand what your supposed to do
> Self-priming: it takes a tilt to get it started
> Media-bypass: there is some media bypass but not even close to the Fluval

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Jebo 918
I used mine for over a year on a 125 gallon, then sold it and it's still in use on a 65 gallon Goldfish tank

Identical to the Eheim 2028, but bigger media baskets
Every bit as quiet as any Eheim
Motor a bit more powerful
Auto overheat protection
Works with all Eheim media
Costs less that $100

No instructions
Hoses collapse easier
Intake is small and inferior (easily replaced, though)
Latches on canister come open easier, and can empty contents of your tank on the floor (at least down to the point of the intake tube
Not as easy to find as some of the other clones

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Atman 3338, using it for a 90gal and in service for more than 24 months.

Looks and works exactly like an eheim
Comes with spray bar and lily pipe

no self priming
hard to get spare parts

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