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I'm thinking of setting up this topic as a review for the various number of Eheim clones that have hit the market. Anyone willing to share their advice? I'll start...

ViaAqua 750 (months in use: 5-6)
I bought this filter after reading various reviews(mostly on cichlid-forum) and especially after Tom recommended it to me. To tell you the truth I'm more than satisfied with it, even though most people said it was a cheap-piece-of-Chinese-plastic. I'm glad it proved them wrong!
> Powerful: it produces a pretty good current in my crowded 58g
> Quiet: it's really quiet, let's just say it's 'Eheim quiet'
> Huge Media Containers: lets you customize to whatever you need
> Effecient: keeps my 58g with my Angelfish and Rams crystal clear, only need to clean the media once so far
> Bad instructions: it takes time to understand what your supposed to do
> Self-priming: it takes a tilt to get it started
> Media-bypass: there is some media bypass but not even close to the Fluval
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