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I bought a 2x24 watt T5HO from Home depot, replaced one of the bulbs with a Life Glo, bought a timer, and used a kick plate from a door, which was stainless steel and had the right \_/\__/ shape for two bulbs to fit. I have it resting on the bulbs themselves. You could use rain gutter or better yet a plastic box and cut some coke cans in half to use the aluminum. No need to paint this, but I did for $3.

Light fixture 2x24watts 20 or 24" ~$30
Power cord (could be free off old electronics)
Timer $9
Kick plate $12 (could use coke cans cut in half and bent (free))
Plant bulbs $20 to 40 for two.

Total: $51-90 without plant type bulb

I'm going to replace the other standard bulb with a plant bulb also, but the smallest T5 fixture they sell has a compatible ballast.

The standard T5 bulbs worked to grow the plants but I had a good amount of the hard green algae growing on the glass, which is typical. No other algae grew.
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