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Poss New Algae

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So I Have This Algae New I Think (to Me Anyway)

Does Not Stick To Anythng And Its Not Green Water Either

Its Settles On Red Myro That I Have And Sometimes Gets Inbetween The Hair Grass

But Does Not Stick Or Attach To Anything

It Brushes Right Off With A Toothbrush Very Very Easily And Breaks Apart Very Very Easily

Its Bright Green It Doesnt Take Over The Tank Either But Just Grows In Its Clumps

Pressurized Co2
7 Gallons
150 W 8000k Mh
9 W Uv Sterlizer
Step One Ada
Eca Ada
Special Lights Ada
Brighty K Ada
Ehiem Ecco (the Small One)
Heavy Heavy Plant Load
Water Change 33% Once A Week

O Ya This Stuff Comes Right Out Its Not A Neusance Only Becasue I Can Rid Of It So Easily But Is There A Cure??


Pfc Youngstrom
Us Army
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It's probably thread or hair algae.
Florida Flag fish will gobble this stuff up.
Def Not Thread Algae Or Any Of That I Know How To Cure That But Thanks
How about good circulation and some floss in your filter.
..............still think its hair algae..............
150 watts on a 7 gallon tank? Holy cow you're really in deep with that one.
150 watts on a 7 gallon tank? Holy cow you're really in deep with that one.
Wow, I missed that one!
well im used to dealing with high light i love high light im a light feind
but thats what the uv sterlizer is for so this algae problem that i have is not bad at all
in fact this algae is not prevelant at all
it grows slow and is destroyed easliy i was just wondering if it can be
handled or if i just gotta keep dealing with it
so but its not a big prob at all
but if you think you can help then pls do

a UV sterilizer wont do anything about established algae growing in the tank.
They only deal with spores and green water algae that pass thru it.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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