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Possible 10 Gal Tank Stand? From IKEA

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Im thinking about using this as a 10 Gal tank stand. According to the site it is made of particle/fiber board but filled with paper. I was wondering if anyone thinks the load bearing capacity of this thing might pass muster on a filled 10 Gal (approximately 100 lbs or so).

It has the proper dimensions for a 10 Gal. (with a little room on each side of the tank).

I think it will hold but want to get other opinions before diving in. I don't have much experience in these sorts of materials so my opinion isn't worth much.

There is also a solid pine one which seems like it would be slightly more sturdy. Here
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I think it would be fine. My ikea coffee table is immensly more sturdy than my 25 gallon aquarium stand. Check it out in the store so you can see for yourself. It is meant to support one side of a 78in. work surface so it had better have some strength to it.
Thanks for the input...I feel the same way
I'm always skeptical when I see something like "Possible Stand from (random furniture store)", or similar quotes... But this thing looks real nice. Great find there, BJ... Say, how bout you pick up a couple and flick one my way....? ...what? Australia isn't that far, y'know!! :D
Thanks for all the help guys... I went with the solid wood one...just the fact that the other is filled with paper makes me worry. I stained it ebony so it is not so much an eyesore.
Yeah, let us know. It should be interesting. Putting aquariums on random furniture is usually never a good idea but you might be on to something :eek:
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