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Schultz Multi Cote(8.60% Ammoniacal Nitrogen; 9.40% Nitrate Nitrogen) is the only one on the list which doens't have N derived from urea. So is it still bad to use Tom or anyone?

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As I said:

NH4= bad
Urea which quickly decompses to NH4 in water= bad

A couple of these do not have urea but all have NH4(ammoniaical nitrogen=> NH4).

SeaChem has a bound form of NH4, it's "chelated" in a sense, but I doubt it is in a high concentration nor that available otherwise it would cause algae.

So will it help your plants more?
No, not anymore than fish/food + KNO3.

The fert's listed are for terrestial systems, not aquatic ones.

Tom Barr
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