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Possible lighting upgrades....

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Once I get my shrimp tank sold off I'm going to upgrade my lighting

Here are my 2 options:

TEK 4x24 Light Fixture with 4 Geismann Midday bulbs


Coralife Aqualight Pro 2 65 watt CF lights and 150 watt HQI

I've looked at many options but not sure which I will get, pricing is almost the same +/- $75. I really love my current setup but don't like my DIY hood all that well and can't find a way to make one that would fit what I want.

What does everyone think?

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Not enough data: for what tank size, plants, CO2 etc...

Soil based substrate covered in TMS
Eheim Ecco 2236
Rex Griggs BDR w/ Ideal needle valve running about 50 ppm CO2
Full EI dosing


Erio and Tonina Species tank
Eriocaulon Mato Grosso
Eriocaulon Thailand
Eriocaulon Cinerium
Tonina Fluviatilis sp. Lotus Flower
Tonina Manuas
Soon Tonina 'Belem' and hopefully E. Goias

No Fauna just Flora!

Current Lights 2 15 watt 18" 5000k Flourescents 10 hrs a day and 70 watts MH 8000k 6 hours a day, ghetto DIY reflector from a old 250 watt HPS setup.

LMK if you need anything else.

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I kinda like the Hamilton fixtures as they are nice and plain and not too wide like the Aqualight pro

1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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