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Possible lighting upgrades....

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Once I get my shrimp tank sold off I'm going to upgrade my lighting

Here are my 2 options:

TEK 4x24 Light Fixture with 4 Geismann Midday bulbs


Coralife Aqualight Pro 2 65 watt CF lights and 150 watt HQI

I've looked at many options but not sure which I will get, pricing is almost the same +/- $75. I really love my current setup but don't like my DIY hood all that well and can't find a way to make one that would fit what I want.

What does everyone think?

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over a 20 high?? Honestly a good 2x24 t5 setup with individual reflectors will be more then enough to grow anything and nicely (ie: ground cover, red reds, etc). That TEK will go to serious waste over a 20h. People seem to get too hung up on names and "quality". Sure that TEKs an awesome fixture but you would probably do just as well over a 20H with a catalina 24x4 with ind. reflectors. It would be a serious waste. A 150 watt halide + 65x2 PC is alot too. I too like very high light. I dont wanna grow good plants. I want every plant in my tank in awesome shape, bottom leaves and all. every plant in the tank. I hate when people talk how 2wpg gallon grows everything fine then you see their tank and yeah its aquascaped nice, and everything looks good for a picture but you can see the bottoms of the plants are weak and leaf-less, but they are blocked by midground plants so they fine for a picture. I would think you would get plenty of light from a 70watt halide over a 20H. Did you not get enough? Thats interesting to hear that.
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