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**Possible New Aquatic Fissidens**

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Went hiking at Mt. Moosilauke in New Hampshire yesterday, on the way up Gorge Brook trail we walk parallel with a mountain stream. Found some excellent looking fissidens in the stream/waterfalls. Mind you all these fissidens were found at least a foot deep in the stream, which tells me these are submersed all the time if not most. So hopefully these will take off in the "Moss Pharm" (my tank), and if anyone can identify any of them that would be great. I'll keep the thread updated with pics a couple weeks from now to see how they're doing. :D Here's the 3 types

1.) This one reminds me of Java moss, and grows really tight.

2.) This one has large leaflets.

3.) This one is really tiny, looks almost like "Star moss". I really hope this one grows and makes it
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I havemosses similar to the first and last pictures I am experementing with myself. The onet hat looks like the first, isn't doing too well. But that might be my fault. the one that looks like the star died down, but is now shooting out little green bits. I hope it is an indication it's going to transit to water.

Good luck and keep the eyes to the ground and look for mosses... Oh I also got a common garden weed I am trying in my tank. I Noticed it managed to survive underwater in my mum pond before she moved so I am seeing if it can take in my tank.
#2 looks like a liverwort, but I am no expert and a lot of the mosses/liverworts look very similar to me. I have also found a lot of submersed mosses in my area, but they are usually underwater only in winter when the water levels rise. In any case, tie some down so they don't float all over and leave them in your tank for awhile. I haven't had much luck yet, but I think it is because of my tank conditions. Most die off, but after a long time some of them start to grow very slowly, so don't be hasty!

I wish more people experimented with more plants, I to have a couple weeds in my tank, some are slowly dying but a few still look healthy. To soon to tell though. Usually I let them float for awhile and if they don't die in a month, I will plant them in the substrate. Good luck!
I wouild love to find the liverworts that we had growing in the greenhouse when I worked at a nursery as a teen. I'm itching to try that out.
#2's not a liverwort.
Foliose (leafy) liverworts look like this, e.g. Scapania. But it needs details of leaf arrangement on the stem to confirm that it is a foliose liverwort.
I have found lots of cool looking mosses while hiking in the PA mountains, very moist conditions but never submersed, none ever turned out to be aquatic. But you never know until you try!
#3 looks very interesting. Too bad I live in NYC and can't really go on these hiking adventures.
Hm, you're right, it could be a leafy liverwort. I wasn't familiar with them.

How embarassing.
I saw a couple liverworts that look like #2 in a local plant book I have, can't wait to find some! Trying to identify them as a moss or liverwort is beyond me though, let alone what species:confused:! If I ever find some and they survive being submersed for a long time I will take them to a college to get identified. Someday...;)
I have all 3 tied down with mesh to rocks, some are in the "Moss Pharm" with C02, fertz, high-light. So hopefully they'll take off. #2 could be a liverwort, it definitely had no problem growing submersed. In fact, I couldn't find any of it growing immersed. It was lush and growing in the deep part of the stream (foot plus). I can take some more detailed pics tonight or tomorrow. Out of any of them I think #2 has the greatest chance of thriving based on what I saw in the stream. The only parameter to my knowledge that I can't match is the temperature, that mountain stream was freezing. :eek:
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